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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Embracing Internal Mobility: How to Successfully Manage the Re-Hiring Process

By Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer, Ceridian

Changing roles at work, or “transboarding,” is not a new trend. It is, in fact, a reality of today’s world of work. Several trends play a part, namely retiring baby boomers, the need to fill their positions, and a new workplace dynamic and work/life mindset at play. Organizations are staffing for project-based teams rather than lifelong employment, and employees are placing more value on the ability to move in and out of the workforce depending on their life situation.

When we talk about transboarding—or internal mobility, as I prefer to think of it—we’re not just talking about moving up the career ladder within the confines of one’s current workplace function. Apart from this natural trajectory, internal mobility also includes navigating teams, departments, projects. and/or geographical locations culminating in a new set of responsibilities, colleagues, managers, direct reports, partners, and expectations. 

A successful transboarding experience is just as important as a successful onboarding experience when it comes to sustaining employee engagement and retention. Transboarding is a leadership opportunity that requires a commitment to employees and an understanding of the importance of workplace culture, subcultures by function, fit, and the significance of personal touchpoints, to ensure a smooth transition and continued career success.

Here are some ways employers can prepare for transboarding and successfully transboard existing staff into new roles within the company:

  •        Understand the vision and values of their new workplace function, which may be different from their previous function within the organization.
  •        Offer technology and people resources to help them succeed.
  •        Provide the educational opportunities necessary to manage and lead a diverse workforce while taking into account differences in geographical location, tenure, and personality.
  •        Give clear expectations about what success looks like, from the beginning.

The above points are fundamental to a successful transboarding experience, but  HCM (human capital management) technology can also play an important role in enabling a seamless transition. Such a transition means cultural assimilation and engagement of an employee who is transferring roles and joining a new team—with connectivity, communication and collaboration. 

Here’s how:
  •  Using single cloud-based HCM technology, create awareness of how the employee’s new job activities impact the overall company.
  •    Leverage personal and team relatability surveys to understand how transboarded employees can work best with others and drive higher level of interactions between managers and employees and teams.
  •  Automate the transfer of information into all HCM processes for accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and a seamless employee experience when transboarding from role to role.

By engaging transboarded employees as well as new hires faster, organizations can effectively build internal mobility into their culture, see a decrease in potential first-year attrition, and better enable employees to do their jobs. Through connectivity, communication, collaboration with HCM technology, and above all, a commitment by leaders to create a personalized and delightful employee experience, transboarded individuals have a high potential of remaining engaged, happy, and productive.

Lisa Sterling is the Chief People Officer for Ceridian, focused on executing the organization’s global people strategy combined with leading the vision of Dayforce Talent Management. Lisa originally joined Ceridian in June 2015 as Vice President of Dayforce Talent Management, responsible for global product strategy for Talent technologies. 

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