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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How Video Interviews are Changing the Way HR Departments Hire Employees

By Paul Knapp, Corporate Recruiter, Balboa Capital

Historically, if an HR manager needed to fill an open position, they would sort through matching resumes, conduct formal phone screens, and set up in-person interviews with qualified candidates. But in many cases, getting in touch with candidates and screening them over the phone is very time-consuming. Today, video technology is making the entire interview process easier and more efficient for HR managers and job seekers alike. Now, HR managers can screen more candidates in less time, and job seekers can participate in live interviews without having to sneak out of the office or taking long lunches.

Saves Time, Increases Efficiency

Live video interviews can help HR managers save time and be more productive. This is welcome news for busy HR managers whose responsibilities include tasks outside of recruiting, interviewing, and selecting employees to fill open positions. An HR manager doesn't even need to be a technology expert to use today’s video interview options. There are a variety of free and paid video applications and video chat systems that are easy to set up and use. A computer with a webcam, a microphone, speakers, and a high-speed Internet connection is all that is needed. Additionally, most online video platforms work with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Simple and Effective

Setting up a video interview is a simple task; it involves calling the candidate to confirm receipt of their resume and cover letter and establishing a mutually convenient time for the live video interview. An email reminder should be sent immediately after the call, and again, one day prior to the video interview. To get the video interview started, the HR manager sends an email that contains a link that provides the candidate access to the interview. The live video interview is similar to an in-person interview; the candidate answers a list of pre-determined questions using a webcam to record the interaction.

More Convenient for Job Seekers

Live video interviews eliminate the need for prospective employees to drive to and from the offices of companies they are interested in. These candidates are likely to appreciate the convenience of video interviewing and the ways that it can help them keep their job search private. They won’t need to dress up and leave the office for extended periods of time, which might look suspicious to their colleagues and managers.

Saves Money for Companies

For companies considering candidates who live far away, live video interviews can benefit the bottom line. Live video enables face-to-face contact and open interaction, which means the fuller selection of applicants won’t have to be flown in. This eliminates the cost of plane tickets, taxis, hotel rooms and meals. Video interviews can also be saved, which allows HR managers to share them with colleagues and managers to collectively decide the finalists that can be flown in for in-person interviews.  

Differentiates a Company’s Brand

Technologically savvy. Cutting edge. Innovative. These are some of the words used to describe companies that conduct live video interviews. Inviting job seekers to interview via video can help a company stand out from its competition. It conveys a forward-thinking culture, which can be very appealing to today’s workforce and particularly to millennials. Job seekers appreciate the personalization and convenience of live video interviews. Many candidates prefer this experience to showing up for an in-person interview and finding five other candidates competing for the same job.

In 2017, HR departments will continue to evolve and align more closely with their companies’ strategic goals. Hiring the right employees is a critical step towards business growth and success, and video technology will continue to play an important role in this task. Live video interviews will continue to be embraced by companies who want to recruit top talent locally, and from around the country.

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