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Friday, June 24, 2016

Don’t Get Left Behind: Why Digital Video Technology is Taking Over Recruitment

By Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer, Digi-Me

When searching for top talent in today’s candidate-driven market, you want your clients to stand out from your competitors, and you want to impress job seekers. To achieve this, you have to keep up-to-date on trends. The latest technology can help maximize your sourcing efficiency and effectiveness.

How do you stay relevant in today’s digital world and reduce cost per hire? By incorporating digital video technology as part of your recruitment strategy.

Today’s talent acquisition professionals are becoming a lot more like marketers. Human resources and marketing departments are working closely together, more than ever before, to streamline brand messaging.

Marketers are using video as part of their marketing strategy. Why? Because they are getting a better ROI.

Click-through rates increase 200-300 percent when incorporated in an email. Conversion can increase by 80 percent when including video on a landing page. And, 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a product video.

If marketers are seeing such success with video, what could happen if you incorporated a digital job description in your recruitment efforts?

Today’s job seekers are social, and they are going to look for new opportunities on social media. In fact, 73 percent of Millennials reported landing their most recent job by finding it on social media according to the Aberdeen Group. LinkedIn is reporting a continued increase in earnings from Talent Solutions with a revenue increase of 41 percent year-over-year to $558 million.

Videos attract job seekers on social media. Did you know that 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook per day? Why not carve out time to watch a video to learn more about a potential job opportunity?

Digital videos should be easy to share on social media with a social share function, giving recruiters the power to make their videos go viral.  Candidates will act as a third party validator of your content by sharing your job videos through out their network of contacts. We actually see throughout Digi-Me’s client base that 70 percent of views and applications arrive through social sharing!

Who do you want to share your opportunities? How about your greatest brand advocates--your employees?

According to a recent blog article by Clear Company, “statistics show that one out of every five referrals gets hired.” The blog article also stated referrals have longer tenure and are happier at the companies they are recruited to, being that “46 percent stay over one year, 45 percent over two years and 47 percent over three years.” Sixty-seven percent of recruiters and employers reported the overall recruiting process took less time. Fifty-one percent of recruiters and employers reported that it is was more cost-effective and less expensive to recruit a referral.

Needless to say, referrals have a great value as an added source for your recruitment efforts and they can be easily attracted by digital video.

Video conveys a message about your client’s job positions and their company culture that text alone cannot. It shows and tells a story about the people behind the job, processes, philosophies, awards, etc. in under one minute. In this digital age, attention spans seem to be shortening as we are all bombarded with media and ads. Video is short, simple, and effective.

On average,  candidates spend five times longer on websites with videos instead of just text, and 80 percent of candidate traffic comes from Google searches. Why is that second statistic relevant?  Because Google ranks video job content 53 times higher than text-based job content!

Regardless of where you choose to post a digital job video, the best thing about today’s digital technology is that you have the ability to track your efforts. Including who is applying, where, and at what time. You have the necessary, detailed information to know where you are getting the best traction. When you know how to hone your efforts, you are not only more effective with your time, but you can also formulate a strategy that will reduce your cost per hire.

Don’t fall behind when recruiting top talent. Digital video technology is key to today’s successful recruitment strategy.

Lindsay Stanton is chief client officer for Digi-Me, a video technology company for talent acquisition that helps organizations add new dimension to their job and employment brand messaging.  In her time at Digi-Me, Lindsay has facilitated relationships with 19 partners, including the largest recruitment advertising agencies, global recruitment process outsourcers, and staffing firms. These partnerships magnify the organization’s reach into the Global Fortune 1000, providing an effective and innovative solution to the largest global employers, including USG Corporation and Kiewit.

A subject matter expert on the use of video technology as a recruitment tool, Lindsay works closely with industry leaders, creating new and better ways to connect jobs and job-seekers.  She has been a featured speaker at SHRM as well as a featured leader in the recruitment space through ERE, HRO Today, and major media outlets, including,, and CCTV.

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