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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Global Hiring Report

By Kip Wright

According to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, most employers across the globe plan to increase hiring over the next three months, though at a slightly slower pace than recent quarters. Hiring confidence is strongest in India, Japan, Taiwan, Guatemala, Romania and the United States for the third quarter, with the weakest hiring forecasts being reported in Brazil, Italy and Switzerland.

Of the nearly 59,000 employers interviewed globally, 40 of 43 countries and territories anticipate increasing their staffing levels in Q3 2016. Compared to Q2 2016, hiring prospects strengthen in 14 countries and territories, are unchanged in 7 and decline in 21. Compared with last year at this time, outlooks improve in 13 countries and territories, weaken in 24 and are unchanged in 5.

In the EMEA region, Romanian employers report the strongest third-quarter hiring plans, while the weakest outlooks are reported in Italy and Switzerland. For the first time in eight years, there are no negative national forecasts reported among countries in the EMEA region. The third-quarter survey also includes Portugal for the first time, with cautiously optimistic hiring forecasted in the next three months.

In the Asia Pacific region, job gains are expected in all eight countries and territories surveyed. For the fourth consecutive quarter, employers in India report the most optimistic regional and global hiring plans, while employers in China report the region’s weakest forecast.

In the Americas region, employers in Guatemala and the United States report the most optimistic third-quarter hiring plans. The only negative forecast for the region (and of all countries included in the survey) is reported by employers in Brazil.

Stronger employer hiring intentions in most regions is certainly a cause for optimism, though global growth is still below pre-recession levels. The political uncertainty in Europe and the United States means employers are hesitant to significantly add to their workforce, but they do continue to hire at modest levels, and many are still experiencing difficulty finding in-demand skills. Meanwhile, the economic slowdown in China still casts a shadow over its trading partners and an otherwise mostly stable economic situation.
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Kip Wright is Senior Vice President of Manpower in North America.

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